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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning


Lifelong learning constitutes a significant part of the educational activities at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of the University of South Bohemia. The range of its offer includes preparatory courses for entrance exams to universities, programs of additional education of teachers and extension and specialization courses for health and social workers, accredited by the relevant ministries of the Czech Republic, educational programs or courses for academic workers and employees of the Faculty and of the University, for expert and broad public (lecture cycles), as well as the University of the Third Age. A brand new project in the scope of Lifelong learning is the Children’s University.


University of the Third Age

The University of the Third Age (U3A) has been connected with the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of the University of South Bohemia since 1992 and it is ranked among the first U3As in the Czech Republic. In addition to that, it offers a unique focus in this field, because while similar courses and schools in other places offer primarily hobby education focused on computers and technical hobbies, a system of humanity studies has been developed in České Budějovice. Students who attend the lectures often have a deep understanding of the selected disciplines. At times, the seniors meet full-time students in the lecture rooms, which is mutually enriching and fills the halls with an unforgettable atmosphere.


Further Education of Experts in Their Fields

The faculty offers a range of accredited or certified courses of further education of experts in various fields of work. To give an example of the variety of courses, social workers can attend various courses including “Social Work with the Romany Minority”, teachers can sign up to the “Feuerstein FIE Standard I” course, and health care workers can get a certificate in the course “Mentor of Clinical Practice of Nursing and Midwifery”. Lectures in other fields, particularly medicine, history, psychology and natural sciences are also in demand.


Children’s University

The project of the Childrens University, which was launched by the University of South Bohemia in the academic year 2016/2017, became most successful at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. Throughout the academic year 28 children between 6 – 12 years of age had learnt at the faculty about the functioning of the human body, healthy lifestyle and other topics – all in an interesting, playful way adjusted to their age. The lectures were appreciated both by the children and their parents, who even organized their own lectures while their children were learning. At the end of the school year the children officially “graduated” and got their certificates. The first year thus showed a great potential in this area and there is a demand for new courses of the Children’s University in the future.


Education of Academic Workers and Employees of the Institution

The Long-term goals of the Faculty place emphasis on educating academic workers and employees. It is developed under the guidance and support of research and scientific projects. The Faculty offers educational opportunities also through specialized courses (e.g. “The Methodology of Qualitative Research”), language courses, selected lectures, conferences or workshops. The spectrum expands the education of the employees in the area of both written and electronic communication.