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Postgraduate studies (Master´s degree)

 Study programme: Rehabilitation N5342

Study course – Rehabilitation-psychosocial care of handicapped children, adults and seniors (full time and part-time study)

The aim of the study course is to prepare an erudite social worker with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the system of community based rehabilitation in compliance with the European trends.


Study programme: Public health care N5347

Study course – Professional worker in public health protection (full-time study)

Graduates of this study course are entitled to perform the medical profession of a professional worker in public health protection. After the completion of this study programme, graduates will perform activities related to the execution of state supervision and other activities related to public health protection.


Study programme: Nursing N5341

Study course – Nursing in selected clinical disciplines (full time and part-time study)

The study programme is subdivided into modules. The student chooses one of the three compulsory modules, i. e. Nursing care in pediatrics, Nursing care in internal medicine and Nursing care in surgery, which then determines the student's professional focus. According to the valid legislation, graduates will acquire the professional competence to provide highly professional nursing care.


Study programme: Civil Protection N2825

Study course – Civil emergency preparedness (full-time and part-time study)

The study course includes a set of civil management, planning and control processes and regulations prepared by the administration authorities, bodies, self-governments and specified institutions to deal with emergency and crisis situations. The student can choose either a module focusing on the economic and organizational-health issues related to crisis management, or the radiology-toxicology module focusing on the issues of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive agents.