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Institute of Social and Special-paedagogical Sciences

Institute of Social and Special-paedagogical Sciences

Head of the Institute doc. Mgr. et Mgr Jitka Vacková, Ph.D.
T/ +420 389 037 660
Secretariat Věra Krátká
T/ +420 389 037 661
Jírovcova 24, 370 04, České Budějovice
Mailing address J. Boreckého 1167/27, 370 11 České Budějovice

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Institute of Social and Special-pedagogical Sciences

The Institute of Social and Special-pedagogical Sciences guarantees the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree study programme of Rehabilitation, the study course Rehabilitation-psychosocial care for handicapped children, adults and seniors, as well as the bachelor’s degree study programme of Social Policy and Social Work, and the study course Social work in public administration. The Institute is also the guarantor of the study programme of Special pedagogy, and the study course Special pedagogy – education. All study courses contain theoretical preparation of students and a significant part of the study constitutes the students' practical training. Practical training and supervision are provided in cooperation with the clinical workplaces of the FHSS.

The long-term research task of the Institute’s staff is to develop the application of knowledge and methods of key social-scientific disciplines. Members of the Institute are involved in scientific and research projects (in field projects) and then publish the knowledge gained in specialized Czech and international journals. Academic staff participate in solving the research intentions of the FHSS and on the development activities. They cooperate with important Czech and foreign institutions in their research activities.

Each year they attend national and international conferences and are active in the international mobilities to foreign institutions and universities. The Institute cooperates with universities in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Namibia and South Africa. The Institute has also profiled well in the field of lifelong learning, by implementing the programme of Further Education of Teachers (DVPP), senior education in the programmes of the University of the Third Age and by participating in the European education programmes and projects (Grundtvig – Partnership, Exceptional European Women in Older Age, 2000–2012).

Within the lifelong learning of social workers and social service workers, the Institute’s staff carry out courses focused on working with seniors, social work with the Roma minority, and social work with victims of domestic violence, etc.

In compliance with trends in the social, health and social and special education field, the Institute focuses on broadening the spectrum of creative activities, and the knowledge and skills potential of both students and academics.