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Accommodation in České Budejovice


  • K1-K3 are similar ten-storey buildings situated inside of the university campus providing double bedrooms with a refrigerator, sink, hot and cold water, desks, beds and cupboards. Sanitary facilities (WC, showers, washing machine) are located on the corridor.
  • K4 - two double bedrooms are connected to a "cell" with its own sanitary facility (WC, shower).
  • K5 is located outside the campus (about 15 minutes walk) providing two and three bedrooms with its own sanitary facility (WC, shower). The kitchenette is found on each floor.

TV room and laundry room is in each building. All of the buildings are equipped with an elevator.

See the map of the location of Dormitories


  • Internet access in all student rooms. Connection is possible just by network cable. Wifi connection is in the university campus and Student Club "Campa".
  • To get the internet connection in your room you need to fill out a special form on site and you should make all necessary payments. It takes max. 7 days to connect you. Usually it is done quickly, but it can take a while especially in September and October when all the students are arriving. (Instruction for internet connection)

How to apply

  • Erasmus+ students can apply for the accommodation through the on-line application
  • if you are an exchange student with another scholarship or a degree student, contact the International Office
  • you can´t choose in which residence you will stay, the place will be assigned to you according to current room availability.


  • the official dates for check-in is one week before the start of the semester, if you plan to arrive earlier, please, inform the International Office at about the date of your arrival
  • In case of really late arrival after the start of the semester you will be asked to send a deposit payment for your accommodation so we can hold your place. In case you do not send the deposit ahead, you will lose the place.
  • when you check in you will be asked to sign an accommodation contract.
  • Before arrival to the dormitory please study carefully these rules of accommodation!


Private accommodation


If you prefer to stay in a private flat during your studies in České Budějovice, you can:

1. contact your "buddy" from the International Student Club

  • contact the ISC before your arrival and get help with arranging your accommodation


2. look for accommodation on-line


Best locality for flat according to the distance from the faculty:

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences has several buildings in Budějovice. Closest housing area VLTAVA (south part), ČTYŘI DVORY; from campus, ŠUMAVA and MÁJ around 10-20 minutes. Dormitory K5 is next to the Faculty.

What does typical flat in České Budějovice look like?

  • flats are usually used by several students, for example flat with 3 rooms is usually inhabited with 6 students, flat with 2 bedrooms with 4 student or so
  • the rent per month per student in a flat is usually between 2000 to 4000 CZK, depending on location, occupancy and size of the flat
  • besides renting a flat/room in blocks of flat you can also rent a flat/room in family houses all around České Budějovice. The family usually live downstairs and they rent the 1st floor to students. Sometimes they rent the whole house to students. These flats/rooms are usually very nice, mostly with garden to use, and generally far from University (but exceptions can be found)


Hotels and pensions